Employment law for creative organisations

Many organisations in the sector depend on the mutually positive relationship they have with their staff. Unsocial hours and lower salaries than a commercial business are a familiar scenario and variable programme schedules means additional support from freelance and short-term workers is often drafted in at key times. And of course, the contribution of volunteers to charities and creative organisations is invaluable, whether that’s taking on the legal obligations of a trustee, or helping with the new season marketing mailout.

All these individuals have legal rights, expectations, and protections which every responsible employer wants to uphold and defend. But if the relationship between an organisation and its staff runs into difficulties or loses goodwill, that can result in disputes which drain time, energy and can be extremely costly for an organisation.

Counterculture’s team includes qualified employment law and HR professionals as well as partners and consultants with direct experience of employing and managing staff in the creative and charitable sectors. We can assist with the preparation or review of contracts, (whether freelance, short term worker, or employee) help manage staff already in place (with staff handbook reviews, policy preparation, training and support with disciplinary or grievance processes) and give guidance on legal requirements and HR good practice when organisations merge or close. And if relationships break down so far that proceedings in an employment tribunal become a possibility, we can advise on guide on that process too.

For an outline of our fees in relation to employment tribunal work, please click here.