Helen Cuthill

Helen Cuthill


Helen is an innovative and creative consultant focused on delivering exceptional results with her clients. Helen has diverse experience of leading organisations through vision and strategy setting. Taking this direction and making it a practical reality with a focus on operations is something she really excels at.

Before undertaking freelance work, Helen was the Associate Dean (Enterprise and Commercial) within the Arts and Humanities Faculty at Coventry University. Her role was to enhance the University’s academic engagement with business, public and voluntary organisations in order to create social, cultural and economic impact locally, nationally and internationally.

Helen’s expertise was initially developed through project work within creative publishing companies and the West Midlands Regional Development Agency before joining KPMG. While at KPMG, she developed her skills as a ‘fixer’ working on a range of projects as diverse as BBC reviews to Healthcare redesigns which spanned across Europe, Middle East, North America and Australasia.

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