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One of the most important and often overlooked areas in organisational administration is having functional, effective premises and systems management. Each client has their own specific needs, requirements and expectations depending on the field and focus of the organisation – a large public arts organisation will have a very different operational focus to a small office-based charity.

Counterculture provides across-the-board strategic operations management, always tailored according to the organisation’s needs. This can include a bespoke one-off systems review, operations and IT consultancy, and day-to-day back and front of house management support.

We have many years experience in operational management and running buildings of all sizes, from public arts buildings to office-based charities.

We offer practical support and advice on the business administration of contracts and services in facilities management. We also specialise in operational compliance, including licensing, Health and Safety, insurance, and data protection.

IT strategy and development forms an important basis for the daily life of all organisations. Counterculture ensures that our clients’ IT systems and software are relevant and used to maximum capability, with consideration to both company economy and environment.

Counterculture is also an expert in office moves and interim operations roles, with posts covered ranging from senior operations management to providing general administration assistance.

Our remit also extends to business and financial management, and asset and risk management.

For more information on how we can help, please contact Chris Potts.