Consultancy and employment terms

Working in the creative sector can often require a flexible approach, and the terms on which that engagement is negotiated, agreed and recorded can be important. Freelancers, consultants, workers and employees are all common ways of being involved in creative projects, and each has a fundamentally different type of relationship with the project. The emergence of the “gig economy” where individuals are engaged by businesses on a flexible, ad hoc basis has highlighted problems when determining employment status, for the purpose of employment rights, IP ownership and tax liability.

Counterculture has a proven track record of helping explain those differences, and to select the right framework for each project. We can help create the relevant paperwork, or help you negotiate the right terms. We can assist with:

  • Cases of discrimination
  • Data protection, and the ownership of data
  • The right to work in the UK, immigration and visa issues
  • Working with children and safeguarding
  • Recruitment practice
  • Non-compete promises
  • Confidentiality undertakings
  • Consultancy arrangements
  • Ownership of intellectual property, including copyright
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Self employment and freelance contracts
  • Tax status for workers, and IR35 tax legislation
  • Zero hours contracts
  • Service companies

If you would like to discuss consultancy or employment terms – even if it’s not listed above, please contact us.