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Counterculture Partnership LLP is a leading UK-based professional services firm in the cultural sector dedicated to supporting musicians and artists in their journey through the complex and ever-evolving music industry. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that musicians face, our firm offers a comprehensive range of legal services tailored to protect, enhance, and empower musicians’ careers.

Who do we help?

Counterculture’s specialist music lawyers act for and advise an array of clients, operating in the music and creative industries. We work with world renowned artists. We also take immense pride in offering our services to new, emerging talent, helping kickstart their career in music, whilst providing advice and protection to promote longevity.

We also advise composers, songwriters, DJs, bands, musicians, orchestras, producers, managers, record labels, music publishers, music venues, festival organisers, agents, music tech companies, websites and app developers.

What do we offer?

Contractual Expertise: Musicians often find themselves negotiating a variety of contracts, from record deals and publishing agreements to performance contracts and licensing deals. Counterculture Partnership LLP boasts a team who not only have the legal know-how but have real life experience in the music industry.

Our specialist music law team has extensive expertise in drafting and negotiating contracts relating to

· Recording and publishing

· Songwriting

· Band and commercial partnership arrangements

· Catalogue transactions

· Sponsorship and merchandising

· Stage musical productions

· Brand partnership

· Neighbouring rights

· Distribution

· Touring

If you’ve been handed a contract and you’re unsure on how it might affect you or your work, it’s good practice to instruct a lawyer to review it.

Intellectual Property Protection: Your music is your intellectual property, and it’s crucial to protect it. Our legal experts specialise in copyright and trademark law, helping musicians secure their creative works and brand identities. We advise on the complexities of copyright in musical works as well as advising on trademark protection for band names. Our team offers strategic guidance to preserve your artistic integrity and future income.

Royalty and Revenue Maximisation: Our team helps musicians navigate the intricate world of royalties and revenue streams. We assist in ensuring that artists receive fair compensation for their work, whether through digital platforms, streaming services, live performances, or synchronisation deals.

Dispute Resolution: Disputes can arise in any industry, and the music world is no exception. Our firm has a strong track record in resolving conflicts through negotiation, mediation, or litigation when necessary. Whether it’s a contractual dispute, intellectual property infringement, or any other legal issue, we’re committed to protecting your rights and interests.

Business Structuring and Advisory: As musicians advance in their careers, they often face decisions regarding business structuring, partnership agreements, and financial planning. Counterculture provides insightful advice to help musicians make informed choices that align with their long-term goals.

Industry Insights and Education: Our team is not only well-versed in legal matters but also deeply knowledgeable about the music industry’s trends and developments. We stay current with the latest changes in laws, regulations, and industry practices to offer tailored solutions that keep musicians ahead of the curve.

We regularly provide lectures to music business students on aspects of music law, including copyright law and the key elements of music industry contracts. We are also frequently asked to contribute to panel events for young people looking to develop a career in the music industry.


We have accountants here at Counterculture who can help you with any aspect of your finance, accountancy and tax issues too.

Many of the music organisations we work with are registered charities, and we also offer a full range of charity law services.

“Laura has done two pieces of work for our record label; drawing up a recording contract that we use for engaging artists and also reviewing a proposed music license agreement and providing thorough advice upon it. Laura is thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and experienced in her field and goes to great lengths to understand the needs of her clients in order to provide the best possible advice and guidance. She is also great at cutting through the legalese to explain in an understandable way. Laura is also very down to earth and easy to talk to. We continue to use Laura for all our legal work and can highly recommend her to others in our field.”

Dave Burch
Ad Hoc Group Ltd

“As this is my first experience dealing with the legalities of contracts, I couldn’t be happier in the way that Peter has guided me through this process. All advice that I have been given has been carefully explained in a way that has helped me understand both the legal jargon and the music industry terms within the contract that is under review. “

Ollie Jamieson

Lead contact for Music Law

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