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Our specialist music lawyers act for:

  • composers
  • songwriters
  • bands
  • musicians
  • orchestras
  • producers
  • managers
  • labels
  • publishers
  • music venues
  • festivals
  • agents
  • promoters

We also assist those from outside of the UK who want to come and record or perform here.

Our legal services include drafting and negotiating contracts in relation to:

  • Recording and publishing
  • Songwriting
  • Band and Partnership arrangements
  • Catalogue transactions
  • Sponsorship and merchandising
  • Stage musical productions
  • Brand partnership
  • Neighbouring rights
  • Distribution

We also advise more generally on copyright and brand protection, helping you to protect your rights and your revenue. If disputes arise, we can help to settle them.

We have accountants here at Counterculture who can help you with any aspect of your finance, accountancy and tax issues too.

Many of the music organisations we work with are registered charities, and we also offer a full range of charity law services.

“Laura supported me in drawing up an artist management contract for a client of mine. She guided me through the process very clearly, so that, despite having very little prior knowledge and experience of legal process or terminology, I felt comfortable with the process and content . I was so impressed by the professional work Laura did that I have come back to Counterculture for other legal needs, and continue to recommend their services to friends and colleagues who need support in this area. Thanks very much “

Dave Burch
Ad Hoc Group Ltd

“Laura has done two pieces of work for our record label; drawing up a recording contract that we use for engaging artists and also reviewing a proposed music license agreement and providing thorough advice upon it. Laura is thoroughly professional, knowledgeable and experienced in her field and goes to great lengths to understand the needs of her clients in order to provide the best possible advice and guidance. She is also great at cutting through the legalese to explain in an understandable way. Laura is also very down to earth and easy to talk to. We continue to use Laura for all our legal work and can highly recommend her to others in our field.”