Rebecca Shoesmith

Rebecca Shoesmith


Rebecca is a freelance consultant and an expert in the creative economy, having driven its development in complex contexts around the world for over 10 years.

She is used to navigating cultural, social and political differences, having advised on programmes globally, including the Middle East, East Asia, Latin America and Central Asia. She has worked with numerous and varied governments to advocate the importance of creative economy policy development, as a way to both stimulate the economy and promote sustainable and inclusive livelihoods. She also has extensive experience supporting creative entrepreneurs, creative hubs and the maker movement.

Rebecca has a network that gets to the heart of communities in a way that google can’t. Spanning the globe, she will almost always be able to find who you are looking for. Experienced in removing obstacles in a sustainable way, she can get to the heart of a problem, working with diverse communities and bringing them together around a common goal.

Rebecca led the British Council’s Creative Economy team for several years. She has partnered with organisations such as the AHRC, Nesta, the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, Hivos, as well as numerous international organisations and governments.

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