Data Management

Our data management services aim to assist our clients to embrace and unlock the opportunities of insight. Data and analytics are, more than ever, central to success for organisational strategies around digital, audience development, sales and marketing amongst others.

We can help our clients find scalable options that fit their needs. Our philosophy is to embed a data culture where evidence is central to decision-making and part of continuous learning.

Our offer covers a wide range of knowledge management services such as:

  • Data strategy: developing a personalised strategy that corresponds with your vision and matches your resources starting with a data audit via a consultation and informed by success stories.
  • Data for evaluation: how to integrate data within your evaluation processes and evaluate them.
  • Team capacity building: training your staff to engage them into your very own data-driven culture.
  • Data management within data laws: assessing and adapting your processes to ensure you comply with the latest regulations.
  • Modelling and forecasting: analysing your own historical along with relevant industry data, we’ll build intelligent designed models to help you with predictions and planning activities.
  • Technical expertise: if appropriate and according to your requirements, we will provide experts such as data architects, data scientists, developers and data engineers.

Data Compliance

Our data compliance team helps ensure that your organisation is compliant with GDPR. Our experts will also provide you with advice on current best practice. We also work with clients and the ICO in relation the development of products and services that are GDPR compliant. Our services include:

  • Data protection audits: Conducting an internal data audit and compliance review; analysing and mapping out the data flows within your organisation; undertaking a risk analysis of your data processing activities; and reporting back on findings.
  • Training: Provision of range of training for your organisation from ‘An Introduction to GDPR’ to more detailed specialisms such as ‘Undertaking GDPR compliant wealth screening’. We can also be engaged to develop a structured training programme for your organisation.
  • Data Protection Officer: We provide our services as an external Data Protection Officer.
  • Marketing: Working with you to ensure that your marketing campaigns are GDPR compliant and that your relationships with the third parties you work with are compliant (e.g. by ensuring a written data processing agreement is in place).
  • Privacy Notifications: Assisting you with the preparation of appropriate privacy notifications such as Privacy Policies, Cookie Policies and Fair Processing Notices.
  • Data breach: Advising in relation to data breaches experienced by your organisation; assistance reporting data breaches to the ICO; advising on remedial measures and data subject notifications; and completion and maintenance of your data breach log.
  • Information requests: Assisting you in responding to information requests including subject access requests, rectification requests, request for erasure and objections to processing.
Peter Greaney

Peter Greaney

Senior Partner and Founder

+44 (0)7961 335886

Lead contact for Data Management

Peter is a Chartered Accountant (CIPFA) with over 20 years’ finance experience as a Finance Director, consultant and auditor within the government, charity and not-for-profit sectors. He is licensed to practise by his professional institute. He has worked with a number of charitable organisations including National Youth Agency, WAC Arts, Global Dialogue (a Human Rights […]

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