“The Community Transport Association has engaged Counterculture on a number of assignments and have been impressed with the quality and professionalism throughout. They facilitated a trustees’ away-day session around collective and individual impact on board performance which complemented the regular trustee induction training they also deliver for CTA. This boosted our trustees’ skills and confidence in fulfilling their roles effectively and helped us create some tangible actions for further improvement. “

Bill Freeman
Chief Executive, Community Transport Association

“We were fortunate to find Counterculture and to work with an enthusiastic and imaginative team. Andrew Evans and his colleagues took care to understand the work that we had already undertaken, to listen to our needs, and to adjust their approach to ensure that we got the most out of our project. The final output was a detailed but user-friendly report and a clear strategy for our next steps as a charitable business. We are now using their valuable work to shape our first three-year business plan. Throughout the project the team were friendly and supportive and showed a genuine interest in our organisation and our ambitions.”

Sara Crofts
Chief Executive, The Institute of Conservation

“As this is my first experience dealing with the legalities of contracts, I couldn’t be happier in the way that Peter Pegasiou has guided me through this process. All advice that I have been given has been carefully explained in a way that has helped me understand both the legal jargon and the music industry terms within the contract that is under review. Peter has also been thorough in his summary of steps to be taken by myself so I am in a much better position with dealing with this contract and other contracts I might encounter in the future. I also appreciate the patience Peter has shown whilst waiting to receive files and communication from myself”

Ollie Jamieson

“Our time with Keith Arrowsmith was really informative – he took the time to understand our needs and talk us through our governance options in simple terms. It gave us the knowledge and confidence to successfully set up our business model.”

Vicky Holliday
Huddersfield Girl Geeks