Nothing compares to the experience of attending a great live event.

Live events should be unforgettable experiences that create indelible memories: life experiences that delight, inform, and move an audience. They form the root of a strong impactful brand campaign, are the heartbeat of the night-time economy and elevate experience through immersive interaction.

Counterculture specialises in cultural and corporate events. We work with arts organisations, musicians, venues, and brands to plan and deliver engaging and narrative-based experiences. We join up the dots to explore the bigger picture and have a deep-embedded understanding of the cultural landscape.

We provide specialist knowledge in:
• Creative concept and art direction: conceiving, visualising and activating the look and feel;
• Creative Strategy: strategic planning, development and programming to support wider company growth, an event or campaign;
• Delivery and management: project coordination of the live operation;
• Production: resourcing and managing specialist personnel and suppliers;
• Artist and talent management

Our events are characterised by very high production values, and we have a trusted technical team of people and companies we have worked with for decades providing world-class production, audio-visual and logistical support.

We work with a full range of live audience and broadcast media. Our events can take the form of a live or music event, conference, creative workshop, festival programming or press launch.