Sachin Kureishi

Sachin Kureishi


A multifaceted writer, Sachin brings his expertise in journalism, screenwriting, copywriting, and speechwriting during his time at Counterculture. As a freelance communications and marketing writer, he has enhanced the company’s communication strategies, delivering impactful press releases and analyses on leadership and governance. Throughout this career, his work has been sought after, published, and effectively used to embody the essence and vision of the organisation he represents.

Sachin’s time as a credited screenwriter for ‘Hollyoaks’, coupled with his collaborations with some of the UK’s most prestigious production houses, has equipped him with a deep understanding of the film and television industry. This experience has been pivotal in shaping his appreciation for the art of storytelling, a skill he recognises as crucial across all industries.

This storytelling expertise has been a cornerstone of his work with Counterculture. His approach is not just about communication but about crafting stories that engage and inspire, essential for shaping perspectives and bridging intimate connections with audiences. These qualities make him a valuable asset to any team looking to make a lasting impression in their field.

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