Naomi Lewis

Naomi Lewis


Naomi has worked at a number of leading cultural organisations, with extensive experience in strategic management, leadership, taking organisations through periods of change and producing large-scale live performances including digital work.

Innovative, reliable and enterprising, with nuanced and diplomatic communication skills, Naomi is people-driven and thrives on building and nurturing partnerships. She has a track record in getting the best from stakeholders and teams, providing creative solutions to solve complex problems, bridging the gap between people and processes and working cross-departmentally to successfully build and deliver programmes.

Before joining Counterculture, Naomi spent eight years at the Royal Opera House where, as a senior manager, she led large artistic and administrative teams to deliver the annual programme, negotiated unionised contracts and delivered two successful international tours.

Naomi has also worked with small, cultural start-ups to broaden their reach and optimise their business plans, and is committed to considering and delivering to diverse audiences.

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