Billy Laser

Billy Laser

Business Development Executive

After completing a degree in Politics and International Relations, Billy became an activist fighting for the rights of marginalised women and communities. She helped set up a stigma-busting feminist collective and a grassroots trade union, believing that helping people to take positive action leads to lasting change.  As a volunteer caseworker at the Windrush Justice Clinic, she provided supervised assistance, casework and representation to those affected by the Windrush scandal, seeking compensation for wrongful deportations. This led her to complete a Graduate Diploma in Law whilst working full time and bringing up a toddler, and it was this dedicated approach which helped secure a training contract at Counterculture.

Believing that law can be fun whilst still looking at hard-hitting issues, Billy helped set up the Legally Feminist podcast in a 4-woman collaboration. Discussing the gendered nature of the law and the legal profession, the podcast covered female leaders and lawmakers, women’s rights, and the gendered nature of global concerns including reproductive rights, climate change and the pandemic.

An experienced public speaker, Billy has organised events, panel talks and recently secured a presentation at a New York University to inspire the next generation. As a writer, Billy has written for major newspapers including the Independent, and has had her short stories published in an anthology of female authors. She’s currently working on a novel which reflects her love of London.

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