Caroline Collier

Caroline Collier


I am a professional coach-mentor, facilitator, curator and consultant, specialising in the arts and cultural fields.

I have extensive experience as a director, CEO and board member of cultural organisations and as a curator and writer, with a consistent focus on inviting a wide range of people to enjoy art, on their own terms. I have also worked as a policy maker, strategist and funder, identifying opportunities for change and growth.

As a consultant, I bring an independent perspective, deep knowledge of the field and an understanding of what it is like to work in different roles in a wide range of organisations and cultural settings in the UK and internationally. I undertake discrete pieces of work, collaborating with clients to draw out the distinctiveness of their organisations, while supporting them to be creative, innovative and to think and act strategically. Clients include galleries, museums, cultural organisations and universities. I apply a range of coaching models and references, as well as my experience, to working with individuals, groups and teams, building awareness, resilience, collaboration and performance. I adapt coaching methods to working with leaders and teams to devise and deliver strategic change, as well as to planning and facilitating Board and staff away days and retreats.

Coaching clients include CEOs and Directors of cultural organisations, artists, curators, policymakers and academics. As a professional coach-mentor, qualified at Senior Practitioner level, I enable clients to   be imaginative and reflective, to make considered decisions and to define and achieve their goals.