Alan is a charity professional, with a background in membership services management and development, board support and advocacy work. Alan is an experienced interim manager with recent tenures conducted entirely throughout COVID-19 lockdown.

Alan’s recent work includes major reviews of governance, business process, beneficiary engagement, byelaws, senior management structuring and resourcing reviews, board workplan and relationship reviews as well as a number of staff and officer development events.

Alan co-edits the Student Support Handbook, published by CPAG, now in its 17th edition, and frequently writes on policy and engagement issues in sector publications. Alan is a trustee of the University of Aberystwyth Students’ Union.

Before joining Counterculture, Alan worked as Policy Development Manager at the National Union of Students for 8 years focusing on social policy, union development and public affairs, specialising in linking the national organisations work with the con-federate membership.

Alan is a keen linguist, cyclist and bass player, with over 20 years’ experience playing and promoting live music in Liverpool and London.

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