Fundraising: Changes to static collection rules

On the 18th of October the UK’s Fundraising Regulator announced changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice for static collections. These rules apply to static collecting boxes – either floor standing or on counters in shops, pubs, hotels, hospitals, reception areas etc. The Code aims to make sure that any person who is involved in the collection can be easily identified.

The change will allow charities to choose to use either the organisation’s contact details or the volunteer’s contact details on certificates, letters, and badges that authorise their volunteers’ static collection activities.  These changes will allow charities to meet data protection rules as they will no longer need to disclose their volunteers’ personal contact information to the public.  It will also address concerns about resourcing issues as charities will not need to sign certificates or letters of authority for each individual volunteer.

In addition, under the new rules any fundraising agency or company undertaking static collections on a charity’s behalf will need to be clearly identified so it is clear who is responsible for static collections.

All charitable fundraising organisations must comply with the new rules by 31 December 2017.