Counterculture and boy bands

The Guardian featured an article by Barbara Ellen in which she ponders the fate of boy bands in general, and the praise for Harry Style’s debut solo album in particular. Not usual fare for our legal updates you might think – and you’d be right, since it’s not a story that involves the law, but it did pull us up short, with a reference to things going wrong:

“Call me old fashioned, but, if just being a boy band member, and releasing an overlong song, gets you hailed as a counterculture genius, then something has gone very wrong with the counterculture and maybe even with boy bands.”

Well, none of us call ourselves a Counterculture Genius, and we are fairly sure that nothing has gone very wrong with Counterculture (although we know there is always room for improvement)! For more from Barbara Ellen, David Bowie and Harry Styles, the link to the original article is here.