Triangle Network: Facilitation

Triangle Network, in south London, is an international network of artists and arts organisations in more than 30 countries around the world. It promotes dialogue and the exchange of ideas and innovation in contemporary visual arts, and provides opportunities for artists to develop their practice in relation to their peers on an international scale, often working with artists in developing countries.


At the time of a public conference in London, attended by most of its international members, Triangle Network took the opportunity to hold a facilitated session with representatives of their entire network. They commissioned Stephen Escritt as facilitator to help them to review their purpose and renew their commitment and mission for the future.


Stephen worked with Triangle Network staff and board members to structure a facilitated meeting of around 40 international network members. The one-day session, at the ICA, was organised around four key questions about the trust’s purpose and future strategic direction.


The facilitated day engendered very constructive and honest debate on key issues. Stephen worked closely with Triangle Arts Trust’s deputy director to document the day, providing Triangle with a written report outlining the day’s outcomes. As a result, Counterculture have gone on to work with Triangle Arts Trust on other projects.