Counterculture is a combined management consultancy, accountancy and legal practice with a specialism in mergers, partnerships, collaborations and shared services in the arts. Counterculture is unusual in combining legal, financial and senior arts management expertise in one organisation and can offer a full range of skills to support this particular area of consultancy. We have helped many organisations to work more effectively and to make significant savings through working together.

“Counterculture are the only consultants I have ever encountered who truly understand the arts sector. Their strategic advice and restructuring work with our business has been innovative and highly successful for us”.
– Miles Thurlow, Director, Workplace Gallery

Our approach includes the following steps:

  • Assess the case for financial efficiencies and operational performance, the outputs and deliverables, and KPIs that should be used to measure performance;
  • Advise on the internal governance and/or management model required to support the optimal degree of collaboration and oversee this effectively at both Executive and Board level;
  • Advise on the optimal form of agreement between the parties to ensure the success of the collaboration;
  • Analyse how such organisational change would affect the culture of the relevant organisations and how it might enhance/detract from their current individual identities and reputations. This includes reference to how such functionality has been successfully managed elsewhere and points to where it might be stretched to other areas, such as security, volunteering, marketing, learning and other core services, over a 3 to 5-year timeframe.
  • Devise a risk analysis for these areas, in terms of what they are for the relevant organisations and how they might be mitigated;
  • Devise a delivery plan detailing how the project can be implemented; and
  • Advise on the current wider environment in the UK and how this may affect funding and relationships.

If you would like to discuss how Counterculture could help with feasibility and implementation for mergers, partnerships, collaborations and shared services please contact us.

Tom Wilcox, Senior Partner
Keith Arrowsmith, Partner and Head of Legal
Andrea Nixon, Associate


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