Graham Suggett

Graham Suggett


Graham is a Creative Tax Relief Specialist. Formerly Lead Tax Specialist with HMRC‘s Creative Taxes Team – the team responsible for overseeing claims to all of the creative industry tax reliefs (the reliefs available to companies within the Theatre, Orchestra, Video Games, Museums and Galleries, Animation, Film and TV sectors).

Graham led on complex technical issues, providing technical support and advice to other tax specialists, external accountants and production companies, liaising with internal stakeholders (including HMRC’s Policy Leads, Charities section and Criminals Investigations) and external stakeholders (including the BFI’s Certification Unit, UK Theatre, Pact and the Association of British Orchestras), presenting to representative bodies and representing HMRC at various industry events.

Having spent over 16 years as a Tax Inspector, Graham decided to leave HMRC in March 2017 to work as a consultant providing specialist advice and support to charitable and commercial companies seeking to maximise the benefit of the creative industry tax reliefs.

Since leaving HMRC, Graham has worked with ballet and contemporary dance companies, youth theatre companies, theatre in education companies, pantomime companies, opera companies, musical theatre companies, theatre festivals as well as traditional theatre companies both touring and non-touring and video games developers.