Riyaz Somani

Riyaz Somani


Riyaz has a diverse background working for museum security, corporate security, events security and monitoring disaster recovery & rehabilitation efforts of over 200 NGOs after an earthquake in India. He is a strategic planner and goal-oriented leader specialising in Physical Security, Business Continuity Planning, Emergency Response and Disaster Recovery. His past roles involved closely working with the C-suite to develop the corporate security strategy and assist businesses in developing and delivering services effectively and securely.

Riyaz believes that security risk, in the same way as enterprise risk, cannot be considered in isolation and specialises in providing innovative solutions that assist organisations to move away from simplistic and outdated models in today’s interconnected and complex market. His holistic approach offers a significantly enhanced method of managing security risk that is fit for the evolving business environment.

Riyaz can identify areas of strength & weakness and implement company policies, standards, changes in operation, and systems that optimise productivity throughout the workforce. His clients have benefited from his vast experience in implementing change management and streamlining policies and procedures in challenging environments where resources are scarce.


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